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The Team

Who We Are


Event manager

Kev is a builder originally from Sheffield now lives in Worthing with Josie, He loves to paint in his free time.

Kev has been fascinated by all the videos of the Van Life festivals over the country and it comes across as everyone is relaxed and chilled, which he likes.

Kev is a practical man with clever ideas and is planning not only the first Urban Van Festival but also designing his and Josie's first Van conversion

Kev's been involved with Events for a few years now, from the Planning to working the bar 

Event manager

Josie has always lived in Sussex, now living in Worthing with her fiancé Kev, Josie likes to write novels, she did take up painting in lockdown but was not very good at it 

Josie likes to travel with Kev and is excited about doing a van conversion, well planning it whilst Kev does it.

Josie has been organising events for a good few years including Worthing's first and second Pride, fun days, charity balls and retro nights

Josie is a planner and well orgainised 


Music/Stage Manager

We are delighted to have Russell on board as our music and stage manager. 

Russ brings a wealth of experience curating and promoting events of all shapes and sizes, including shows for Signature Brew's All Access Pass in London and Combe Down's Community Festival in Bath. Most recently, Russell has been curating the bandstand stage on the Pub in the Park Festivals tour for 2023 and working with incredible brands to scout and showcase some of the UK's best up-and-coming talent.

Russell and his beloved VW T4 called Molly cannot wait to see everybody from the amazing van and music loving community in July!

Wellness manager

Hi I'm Kate, I am a registered nurse working in the NHS and in this role I am also a wellbeing advocate, mental health advocate and menopause advocate. Alongside this I also practice in some complimentary therapies, which I love.

A big passion of mine is my sprinter van which my partner and I (along with family members) converted into a camper van, we love it, it gives a level of freedom we adore, whether it be just the 2 of us or the whole brood.

What’s more I love a festival, both big or small, immersing yourselves in the vibe of the gathering is what it is all about.   

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