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We have a whole dedicated area for wellness
With workshops including morning Yoga 
For a timetable of workshops click here 



Hi I'm Kate, I am a registered nurse working in the NHS and in this role I am also a wellbeing advocate, mental health advocate and menopause advocate. Alongside this I also practice in some complimentary therapies, which I love.

A big passion of mine is my sprinter van which my partner and I (along with family members) converted into a camper van, we love it, it gives a level of freedom we adore, whether it be just the 2 of us or the whole brood.

What’s more I love a festival, both big or small, immersing yourselves in the vibe of the gathering is what it is all about.   

Ian Snowball

Ian’s interest in the practice and exploration of Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation and various forms of energy working and personal development goes back to the early 1990’s. He has a fascination with ancient cultures, such as Egypt, India and China, and their various approaches to health, healing and wellbeing.

For more than 15 years, Ian has worked in the field of mediation, restorative practice and talking therapies.

Ian has written more than 30 books (fiction and non-fiction), plays gongs, drums, and makes and produces House/Dance music.

Ian’s favourite place in the world is Cornwall and his favourite cities are London, New York and Paris.

Ian Snowball (Author & musician, Gong (bath) meditation & Tai Chi Qigong facilitator). Co-owner of Anemoi Incense.

Co-owner at Club Chi & Club Chi'll Records

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MA Medical

We are pleased to have @MA medical at Urban Van Fest 24

MA Medical is a nurse led clinic, run by experienced practitioners who continue to work in the NHS, we are both CQC and Save Face accredited – meaning we have been stringently assessed as a safe, caring and fully insured clinic.

At Urban Festival we will be offering the following treatments.

Bp/oxygen/pulse, cholesterol, uric acid (gout) checks

Blood sugar checks


Menopause information and groups

BMI and metabolic age assessments

Multi vitamin treatments

Vit D sprays

Find out more by going to or give us a call on 01622 947947.

FacebookMA Medical

Instagram @mamedical_


My name is Dervla, my journey with holistic therapies began due to a significant change in my circumstances. I discovered the incredible power of reflexology, which has been powerful in helping those close to me along with my clients. While studying reflexology I learnt about many other alternative therapies and decided to investigate these too. I have since trained in facial reflexology, Indian head massage, reiki and sound healing.

My background has always been in music, I studied singing at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and worked as a chorister in the Royal Opera House for over 20 years.

I've recently studied sound healing as a way of incorporating my music into my holistic therapies. I'm really excited to share some of these wonderful therapies with you at Urbanvan Festival.

Sound baths are therapeutic and meditative experiences where the participants “bathe” in the sounds and vibrations produced by different sound healing instruments. Through these sounds and vibrations, the mind enters into a deeply meditative and relaxed state, bringing about healing at all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The beauty of sound baths is that each note you hear in a sound bath has a purpose. It’s more than just a string of beautiful sounds tied together - a powerful healing intention is behind every single note and sequence!

As an extremely effective form of meditation, sound baths are an excellent way to let go of any worries and sink into a deeply serene experience. Adding sound to the meditation experience can take your relaxation to a new level!

Sound baths are much easier to participate in than many other meditative practices because they don’t require a lot of discipline or patience to learn how to do it - all you have to do is listen

Reflexology Solace

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Dr Phyllis Chan
(MbChB nMRCGP GP Cert Medical Education)

My name is Dr Phyllis Chan (MbChB nMRCGP GP Cert Medical Education). I’m a GP by trade, based in Sussex UK and a part-time Reiki Therapist and Reiki Master. I offer a holistic approach to medicine and passionately believe in the power of the body to heal through an alternative and naturistic path in conjunction with modern medicine.

Its great to be at the urban van festival in its premier year. I love being able to provide the benefit from the power of Reiki as well as the healing effects from crystals. I will be providing a talk on reiki on the Saturday along with a group reiki session. Looking forwards to meeting you all.

Reiki Therapy by Dr Phyllis Chan | Soul Serene Crystals and Reiki |Reiki Therapy by Dr Phyllis Chan | Soul Serene Crystals and Reiki | Haywards Health, Sussex, UK (

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