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Take a wander down Van-Alley and visit the exhibition vans 

Our Exhibit area will be open Friday 11am-5pm

Saturday 10am-4pm

Sunday 10am-4pm


Contact us to be in Van Alley

Some of our exhibitors in Van Alley


The Nomad Pair

Hey we're Luke and Amy, we've been living full time in our van since March 2021 alongside both juggling full time jobs and having as many adventures as possible. We're hoping 2024 is the year we can change this, with plenty of plans in the works, including the addition of a furry new member of the family


Florry The Lorry

We've been travelling on and off in motorhomes for over 10 years. We often talked about doing a longer trip, or even possibly changing our lives completely and living full time in a motor-home.

7 Years ago we were on a scuba diving holiday in Menorca and we found out one of the instructors actually lived full-time in her converted 7.5 tonne lorry! This got us seriously thinking. Could we do that, could we build our own and live in it.

For the next few months we talked about building our own as we were inspired by hers, or should we just buy a bigger motor-home and travel in that instead.

Neither of us remember exactly when we decided to build our own, but Chris remembers being in favour of doing a self-build in a large vehicle.

Cat remembers finally making the decision in a café in a garden centre....

We began looking in 2017 after the summer, and in November we had ourselves a loan to pay off and we were the proud owners of a 2012 DAF LF45 which would, over the next 2 years be transformed into Florry

This is a blog about our life and travels in Florry The Lorry our self-built motor home.

Chris & Cat     Florry the Lorry

Harley bus.jpg

The Groovy Life

Hey, my name is Harley. I am very excited to be part of Urban Van Fest on Van Alley and show off my old gal Hope. I renovated my Talbot Express last spring and moved in full time in June. I’m now a traveling musician, busking and gigging around the UK. I enjoy making YouTube videos on my channel where I have documented all of the build, travels and her breaking down (curse of the Talbot Express haha). I look forward to meeting like minded people and seeing their van builds.

Thanks, see you in July!


Zoe Strattford

I had always been raised in the VW campervan life so when I married and had my own family I decided to buy a type 2 for my family to enjoy the campervan life but u fortunately it became a money pit so had to go then when my dad passed away I knew I had to get back into the Vw scene so that is when we bought out T5

It was just silver and wanted to make it different so was thinking of maybe a surfer in the sides , when my friend said but Zoe you don’t surf why don’t you make it personal to yourself , well that set the ball rolling and suddenly one day I woke up and thought Tye Dye I love tye dye and that was the beginning .

I had been recommended Monsterwraps so approached them and asked them if they could wrap the whole van in tye dye , which they did then I had to complete the inside to match which I have gradually done amd now I have everything from knickers to hoody’s to trainers in Tye Dye amd even have my hair dreaded for the festival season to match the van

I love the fact that everyone van has a story to tell

Pat Hiffins.jpg

Pat Higgins and his scooby doo van

Hi we are Pat and Nicky and this is our van Scooby. It started off as a plain silver 9 seater shuttle which we are converting ourselves ( when funds allow ). We have had a full wrap done including the pop top by a local company and are in the process of doing the interior. We also have a small caravan wrapped the same which we are hoping to use more. Hope you all like it as much as we do.

Kris Bradshaw

Kris designs and builds his own vans and vans for others, he will be showcasing his own van with a spectacular interior

the shed.jpg


Steve and I always had some kind of van, in the early years as a family with young children, his work transit doubled up as a camper with make shift bunks for the kids..absolutely no frills, but we loved getting away to festivals and weekends away. Last spring we were lucky enough to be able to look for a van, completely open to converting something ourselves, the search began...that’s when we found Shedna. Not the stealth van we had pictured (nothing stealth about Shedna) and she was converted and ready to go! She had belonged to a couple who sold clothes at festivals and they lived in her full time. She is very spacious, so much so that I can use her as a travelling art studio and at home, she has a very effective little burner so cosy even on the coldest nights.we live on a farm so are lucky enough to have the space to park her by our cottage. We had an amazing time out and about in her last year, this year I am realising my dream of travelling festivals with my stall selling my lino prints. We have 2 amazing dogs that travel with us, the van sleeps four so there is room for friends and our now grown up kids. I am here with my prints so would be lovely to meet everyone!!! #pollyprintslino

Rob 4x4 Sprinter

When we first started looking for a van to convert, our main criteria was that we wanted to travel to less conventional places. Because of this, we were going to need a robust vehicle. After much research we decided on a Sprinter 316 4x4 MWB for its off road capabilities and overall size. Being a carpenter/joiner, I was well equipped to take on the conversion although it still took me a year to complete. We've had many adventures exploring much of Europe. Getting down to Montenegro and Albania last year was particularly exciting. One of our other highlights has to be driving to Iceland and exploring the interior with its volcanoes, waterfalls and rugged terrain. There, we did numerous river crossings and were grateful for the van's wading depth of over a metre. We love the opportunities our van has given us and look forward to exploring new places in the future.

rob yelland.jpg

Banksy Travels


Hi, I’m Jack and this is my caddy maxi micro camper. I bought the van in January 2023 and my dad and I converted it ourselves. I’ve been using the van for just over a year now and absolutely love it. Since I was little my family have loved camping, we’ve had tents, trailer tents, caravan and then my parents bought a camper van in 2015. We’ve had some amazing holidays and I decided it was time for me to get my own van and do some exploring of my own. Buying and converting the van was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve already had some great trips and have so many more planned including some solo trips to Europe.

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